Some of our favourite things to do in Dartmouth

Are you yearning for a memorable summer getaway filled with coastal charm, breathtaking scenery, and a plethora of exciting activities? Look no further than Dartmouth, a picturesque town nestled on the banks of the River Dart in Devon, England. From exploring independent shops and galleries to embarking on thrilling water adventures, Dartmouth offers something for everyone seeking a rejuvenating escape. Join us as we dive into the must-do experiences and hidden gems awaiting you in this enchanting seaside destination.

Dartmouth’s Independent Shops and Galleries:

Dartmouth boasts a vibrant community of independent shops and galleries, each offering a unique selection of artisanal crafts, local artwork, and one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Stroll along the charming streets of Dartmouth’s town centre, where you’ll discover hidden gems tucked away in historic buildings and quaint alleyways. From handcrafted jewellery to bespoke home decor, there’s no shortage of treasures to uncover. Don’t forget to support local artists and makers by browsing their eclectic collections – you might just find the perfect memento to commemorate your Dartmouth adventure.

Some of our favourites are:

White Sails Gallery

Dart Gallery

Baxters Gallery

Triton Galleries

We’re also huge fans of Compass Books, conveniently located just across from Bayards Cove Inn, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of books waiting to be explored. 

Get on the Water – Kayaking and Paddle Boarding:

Take to the water and embark on an unforgettable kayaking or paddle boarding excursion. Glide along the tranquil waters of the River Dart as you soak in panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. Keep your eyes peeled for sightings of marine life, from playful dolphins to seals having a  slumber on a borrowed berth. Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or a novice seeking a new adventure, exploring Dartmouth’s waterways is an exhilarating experience not to be missed.

We recommend Sea Kayak Devon for expert tuition in paddle boarding and kayaking.

Or hire a boat from Dartmouth Boat Hire and explore the beautiful River Dart at your own pace.

Picnic and Hike Along the Coast Path:

Pack a delicious picnic and lace up your hiking boots for a scenic adventure along Dartmouth’s stunning coast path. Follow the winding trails as they lead you through rugged cliffs, woodlands, and secluded coves. Make your way to Little Dartmouth or hop aboard the ferry to Kingswear and embark on a leisurely stroll to the iconic Daymark, a striking navigational landmark perched atop the cliffs. Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for seals basking on the rocks – a magical sight that encapsulates the beauty of Dartmouth’s natural wonders.

We serve a takeaway menu which means all you have to do is pop in and choose what you’d like.

Discover the  Dartmouth Town Trail:

The Dartmouth Town Trail takes you on a walk around Dartmouth to discover all its history and heritage.

Relax and Unwind at Bayards Cove Inn:

After a day of adventure and exploration, retreat to the comfort and charm of Bayards Cove Inn. Take an afternoon tea, or enjoy early supper featuring locally sourced ingredients and seasonal flavours. With its cosy ambiance and warm hospitality, Bayards Cove Inn provides the perfect setting to unwind and reflect on the day’s adventures.