Discovering the magical bluebells of Gallants Bower near Dartmouth

For the most mesmersing display of bluebells, few places beat Gallants Bower, just outside Dartmouth.

It’s a short walk from Bayards Cove Inn – just follow the road to the Castle – and on a sunny, spring day there’s nothing quite as magical as whiling away the time here, listening to the bird song, and watching the yachts and boats on pristine blue seas.

Originally constructed as a defensive structure, Gallants Bower was built during the English Civil War in the mid-17th century. Its strategic location atop a hill overlooking the town of Dartmouth and the River Dart made it an ideal vantage point for military purposes.

During the Civil War, Dartmouth was a key Royalist stronghold, and Gallants Bower played a significant role in the town’s defences. It served as a gun platform, providing artillery support and surveillance against potential threats from the sea. 

After the Civil War, Gallants Bower continued to play a role in Dartmouth’s defences, although its military significance diminished over time. As the threat of invasion waned, the structure fell into disuse, eventually becoming a picturesque landmark and popular destination for visitors seeking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and coastline.

At this time of year, the flowers are in full bloom and create a breathtaking sight. It’s the perfect place to sit and take in the beauty of nature while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

And if you walk to the top of the site, you’ll be rewarded with 360-degree views of everything around you. From here, you can see for miles, taking in the beauty of the surrounding countryside and the sparkling blue waters of the River Dart and the sea.