We’re open for takeaways on March 29

We’re open for takeaways on March 29

We are delighted to announce that on Monday, March 29 Bayards Cove Inn will re-open for takeaways.

We’ll be serving lots of delicious treats including breakfast baguettes, our famously tasty fish and chips, lamb koftas, lovely salads, filled lunchtime baguettes and lots of cakes and sweet things.

We’ll also be serving our locally sourced tea and coffee. Food and drink will be served from 9am until 5pm, everyday.

If you’re heading out for a stroll, do pop by, and then take a seat on Bayards Cove, just a few feet from our front door. 

From here you can watch all the comings and goings on the River Dart, whether that’s the local ferry, or a passing fishing boat. 

Imagine, all those years ago, when the harbour side was bustling with fishermen and tradespeople, witnessing the Mayflower, one of the most important ships in American history, and Speedwell, drop anchor on Bayards Cove.

On August 15 1620, they set sail from South London, but the Speedwell leaked so badly both ships had to return to Dartmouth for repairs before setting off again. But 300 miles out to sea, the Speedwell once more began to leak. This time they returned to Plymouth and the Speedwell’s cargo, along with many of her passengers were transferred to the already crowded Mayflower and on September 16, 1620 they set sail for the New World again.

On board were the pilgrims who were some of the first settlers in America where they established the Plymouth colony. These 102 passengers lived in cramped conditions with the pilgrims living on the gun deck, and 37 crew members in cabins on the upper deck. 

They landed at Plymouth Harbour, Massachusetts and formed the first permanent settlement of Europeans in New England.

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