Julie Archer – supervisor by day, novelist by night

Working as a supervisor at Bayards Cove Inn is the perfect job for Julie Archer who is also an acclaimed author with several novels to her name.

The former recruitment and HR consultant moved to Dartmouth seven years ago with her husband for a change of pace but continued working remotely for a Reading based company.

“Working on your own can be very lonely. You can lose sense of who you are and your purpose in life. I started working at Bayards Cove Inn just over a year ago, and it gave me so much, coming back into the real world. I love meeting and greeting people, taking orders, keeping people happy and ensuring they have a lovely dining experience,” she says.

Julie admits she misses the convenience of living close to London, but conversely loves the slower pace of life living in South Devon offers, and being able to relax. “You do feel as if you’re in a bubble here, separated from the rest of the world, but what’s not to love about the countryside here, the river, the coast and the fabulous views.”

Julie has also penned several novels, all in the contemporary romance genre, and the comings and goings of Dartmouth are proving a constant source of inspiration.

“I love people watching, hearing snippets of conversations, looking at pictures on Facebook – anything can inspire me. I’ve always looked at people and wondered what their lives are like,” she says.

Growing up as an only child prompted Julie to take up writing, and she’d make up characters to be her friends so that she didn’t become lonely. “When I started writing it was difficult, as I didn’t really know what I was doing, but there’s a fantastic network of authors who are all there to support you,” she admits.

Her latest book, The Hometown Dilemma, is out in September and is part of an ingenuous concept involving seven other authors who each create a story centring on the same town in North Carolina. 

“The books are all interconnected, and it’s been great fun to do. It’s also meant I’ve made a lot of new friends”, she says.

Asked for advice on how to write a book, Julie says consistency is the key, even if you write for just half an hour a day, until it becomes a habit. She also says that it doesn’t matter how rubbish your first draft is, just keep writing!