We have some really exciting news to share!

We are delighted to announce that Charlie and Zuzana are the new co-directors at Blackpool Sands, having joined forces with the Newman family.

Charlie and Zuzana will be running the new takeaway venture, which will open in April.

This beautiful space will offer the very best locally sourced food and drink, with everything consciously sourced to minimise the impact on the environment.

But don’t wait until April to grab a bite to eat and enjoy the incredible views – the new shack is already open serving hot drinks, pies and cakes.

You can read all about this exciting new initiative along with everything else that will be happening at Blackpool Sands by clicking the link.

And as Charlie and Zuzana say: “Blackpool Sands will be a place where the impact of everything we do to the environment will be carefully considered so that we have a place that’s kind to nature but where people can come and have a wonderful time, while eating incredible food.”

Click here to read more: http://bit.ly/3XcaOM9