Why we love dogs at Bayards Cove Inn

‘Dogs are a man’s best friend’ isn’t just a saying, it’s the honest truth. The modern-day bond between humans and dogs dates back centuries and can be traced to the early interactions between nomadic hunters and wolves.
At Bayards Cove Inn, we recognise how special this bond is, which is why they are always welcomed here.
So many of us have dogs that are an integral part of family life. They’re our friends, our confidantes, and they are always there for us, never judging, always accepting, and always so pleased to see us.
At Bayards Cove Inn, they’ll be as warmly welcomed as you are and we’ll water and dine them with water bowls at our entrance and dog treats on the bar.
In the rooms there are wooden dog beds filled with soft, comfy cushions, complimentary poo bags, dog treats and water bowl.
We also supply lots of information on suggested dog walks for in a round Dartmouth, whether you fancy a short amble, or want to go further afield.
Here are our 5 top reasons why we love dogs.
1. Can’t cook? It doesn’t matter. Your dogs will love you, just because you are you, and they’ll eat whatever you put in front of them, especially if its good quality dry and wet food.
2. They are the perfect exercise partner. Get out and enjoy the fresh air, because your dogs needs walking twice a day, and when you see the joy on his face when he knows he’s about to go walkies – well that makes it worth it, come rain, shine, or a bleak winter storm.
3. They always listen and they never judge. When you’re feeling low and unloved, your dog will always love you, no matter what.
4. They are your best friend, and they are a constant source of surprises and rewards.
5. They love you. No matter what, they are always, every single time, ecstatic to see you and delirious with joy. Beat that!