Monty Halls Sets Sail for Generation Sea Change

Dartmouth-based explorer, marine biologist, and broadcaster Monty Halls will embark on an extraordinary voyage to explore the South West and highlight the inspiring stories of coastal communities and individuals tackling challenges around marine conservation. 

Set against the backdrop of pressing challenges such as microplastics, pollution, overfishing, and climate change, this nearly three-month journey will be documented through captivating films which can be viewed on Halls’ YouTube channel, engaging blogs, and enlightening articles, showcasing how the people of Devon and Cornwall are taking marine conservation into their own hands.

“It’s an uprising in a way, a conservation revolution” says Halls. “There are so many wonderful initiatives that have sprung from the people who live in this part of the world, whether that’s genuinely game changing technology created by surfers and sailors to deal with microplastics, or mass action that has galvanised communities. There is so much negative press around our impact on the sea, but there is real hope from what is happening in the region. We want to tell those stories, to meet those people, and to spread the word.”

With a notable portfolio including BBC’s Great Escapes, Fisherman’s Apprentice, Great Barrier Reef, and Channel Five’s Dive Mysteries, Halls will uncover the transformative initiatives undertaken by coastal communities to protect the seas that surround the region. From groundbreaking technologies developed by surfers and sailors to combat microplastics, to powerful mass actions that have galvanized genuine change, this voyage will bring to light the positive strides being made despite the negative narratives surrounding our impact on the sea. The aim is to share these stories, meet the remarkable individuals behind them, and spread hope and inspiration far and wide.

The voyage will also be an opportunity to develop a ground breaking new concept in community based marine conservation. Leaderbox Blue is essentially a marine conservation project in a box, containing all relevant materials and guidance allowing schools, clubs, and youth groups to run their own ocean sustainability and conservation projects locally. 

The links to the Generation Sea Change and Leaderbox Blue short introductory films can be found below:

Halls will travel much of the route accompanied by his family, Tam, Isla, and Molly (known from Channel Four’s “My Family and the Galapagos”). On Sunday, July 9th they will set sail from Dartmouth in their expedition ketch called Sobek, embarking on their incredible journey that will take them to key destinations including Plymouth, Falmouth, the Scillies, Padstow, Bude, and Lundy Island. Along the way, they will also engage in various events and thought-provoking talks centred around the themes of ocean exploration and conservation.

Join Monty Halls and his family on their adventure as they set sail to create a conservation legacy by following his story through his YouTube channel, and on social media.