September stays and stunning sunsets

September days herald summer’s finale. Shadows begin to lengthen, the light is mellow and early morning walks, when soft mists linger, create a romantic picture across Devon’s landscapes.

The last of the long evenings seem so precious, and as the leaves begin to turn golden and russet, they create a stunning ode to another summer passed.

It’s a beautiful month to visit South Devon when sunsets are at their best, a deep orange glow setting the sea on fire, before disappearing to leave huge strokes of pinks, reds and purples painted across the sky before darkness descends.

The beaches are more peaceful, the footpaths are less crowded, and everything drops back a pace.

This is also the time to explore the countryside, and discover nature’s treasures, like hedges laden with blackberries and cobnuts, and old fashioned ingredients like sloes, rose hips and elderberries.

And who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset? It’s almost impossible to watch one and not dream and there are some quite stunning places to enjoy them.

Our number one spot is just a few feet from our front door on Bayards Cove gazing out to the mouth of the River Dart. It’s magical watching as the golden orb of the sun falls beneath the horizon and a reminder of how wonderful this world we live in can be.

Get on the water and watch the sunset on the River Dart. Try, Dartmouth’s leading paddle boarding and adventure specialist, and become part of this beautiful painting.

Take the ferry across to Kingswear and head towards Kingswear Castle for views to the mouth of the Dart.

Walk the remote headland to Start Point, keeping an eye out for seals, dolphins and porpoises on the way. 

Slapton is a gorgeous place to watch the sun go down. Not far from Dartmouth, its easy to get to, with plenty of parking. The beach is pebbly, so something on your feet is a must, and not crocs because these pebbles will find their way to lodge between your toes.

Park at the National Trust Little Dartmouth carpark, and head to the cliffs, following the way marked path, joining the coast path at Warren Point, The views are far-reaching cross Start Bay to Start Point Lighthouse. Just remember a torch when you retrace your steps, once the sun has gone down.

Or just head anywhere out on the South West Coast Path, and enjoy the peace and quiet, as day becomes night, and marvel at how, just as the sun disappears, there’s a last foray of activity from seabirds and rooks as they wheel and caw their goodnights before settling down until dawn.